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What is Gratitude? (

Read's take on what gratitude is. The… 

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Screenshot of the book Gratitude by Oliver Sacks. The cover is black and the font is a yellow gold. It says Gratitude followed by lines which seem to represent sunlight reflecting off water.

Gratitude by Oliver Sacks

In January 2015, Oliver Sacks was diagnosed with a… 

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Screenshot of this Happify article .

The Science Behind Gratitude (Happify)

You don’t have to believe the random blog posts and… 

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The book cover of Atomic Habits

Atomic Habits

A book by James Clear which talks about how to build good… 

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A screenshot of james clear's website

James Clear

James Clear writes and teaches about good habit formation… 

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A screenshot of this article from

An easy gratitude habit anyone can keep

It is usually difficult to start any habit. Minus the bad… 

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Morning Affirmations (video)

Morning Affirmations (video)

A great video to watch in the morning to start the day… 

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Screenshot of Mark Manson's blog post called Shut Up and Be Grateful

Shut Up and Be Grateful by Mark Manson

You may not be the person you want, but at least you have… 

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Screenshot of the definition of grateful from Merriam-Webster.

Grateful Definition

Appreciative of benefits received. 

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Screenshot of Twitter

#grateful @ Twitter

The latest posts tagged #grateful at Twitter. 

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Screenshot of the Greater Good UC Berkeley blog

Greater Good Gratitude

Published by the Greater Good Science Center at UC… 

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Screenshot of article

Hotel Manager Befriends Autistic Boy Wanting to Show Off His Card Tricks

The two then spent 30 minutes showing each other magic… 

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Screenshot of article

The Science of Gratitude

It’s easy to be grateful for things that directly benefit… 

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Good + Simple: An Attitude of Gratitude (3 part blog series)

A three part blog series on gratitude from… 

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Screenshot of the homepage of 365 Grateful

365 Grateful

Hailey Bartholomew was feeling down back in 2008. After… 

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Screenshot of an article from Harvard Health Publishing

In Praise of Gratitude

A short article from Harvard Health Publishing which cites… 

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Screenshot of the gratitude Wikipedia page

Gratitude Wikipedia Page

The Wikipedia page for gratitude. 

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