I’m grateful for about pages.

Welcome to your new micro gratitude blog.

Minimal design, short posts, fast, and only the features you need.

As private as you want.
Set privacy settings per post. Posts are all yours. Download all your posts whenever you want.

Fun and rewarding.
Earn points and badges, and in general change your life by showing gratitude.

A note from the founder:

I’m grateful for about pages because without them we would all be using websites without truly knowing what they are or the story behind them. We would all be completely lost; just meandering around the Web.

I created gratitude.blog because the Internet can be a little too negative at times. Plus, I simply wanted my own gratitude blog/journal. But, I wanted simplicity.

I’ve kept things simple, yet useful. Posts are short and very easy to read. There’s uniformity since all posts begin with “I’m grateful for” automatically. And there are some cool features, although, you may not notice them right away.

One feature is the fact that you don’t have to worry about tagging/hashtagging. Instead, tags are automatically created based on what you post.

Other features center around the fact that if you create an account here, your data is yours and your privacy is yours. You may post to the public, privately, or password protect a post. And, you may also download a copy of your posts quickly, anytime. Because, shouldn’t all websites allow this? Yes. The answer is yes.

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