Gratitude.blog takes its name literally. It’s about gratitude (and positivity). Then the .blog of course stands for web log, but most people call them blogs. Put them together and what we have here is a web log of gratitude (and positivity). But, this isn’t your traditional personal blog.

Here at Gratitude.blog anyone can share links to other websites which are in some way related to gratitude (or positivity). After that, anyone can upvote so that the most enjoyed posts become more visible.

You do not have to sign up to submit links or upvote. However, if you sign up then you will get your own dashboard where all of your submissions are saved. Plus, as a member you may bookmark posts and keep a gratitude journal. The gratitude journal is private, simple, and also tracks your mood. Here’s a screenshot:

A screenshot of what our gratitude journal looks like.

Please help us create a positive, uplifting resource and community within this huge Internet which can be pretty negative.

We also have a chat/discussion area set up over at a place called spectrum.chat. Don’t be shy, drop in and say hello sometime and post what you’re grateful for: https://spectrum.chat/gratitude


The Internet is a very big place. Help us find great gratitude and other positive content.


Literally, a web log of gratitude. Help us build the greatest gratitude and positive resource community in the universe. Learn more.

You may also keep a simple and private gratitude journal here which tracks your mood.